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Simply fill out the form on the Start Razing page by answering a few questions and uploading or requesting your design. Upon submission of the form, a Raze representative will contact you for approval of your design placement, product sale price, and percentage of the sales you receive upon the conclusion of your purchase period. After approval, you will be walked through the simple steps to get to your product purchase page, where your customers will be able to see your story and product as well as the option to purchase. 


Your orders will be shipped either directly to your customers or in bulk to you after your purchasing period has ended.


At the conclusion of your purchase period, you will be sent the percentage agreed upon based on the number of products you have sold!

Just looking to start a donation page?


You can do that too. Just go to the Start Razing page and fill out the donation page form. Upon submission of the form a Raze Rep will contact you to go over the specifics of your page regarding: your story, your goal, any pictures videos and other promotional aspects of your page so that you have the best possible experience.